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Torrent Stick

Torrent Junior Hockey Stick
Manufacturer: Kookaburra Hockey
Sales price: £14.00
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Kookaburra’s range of wooden sticks are designed for the aspiring hockey player. Profiled to be both durable and powerful, they provide the ideal integration into the game of Hockey.


Suited to both beginner and lower level use, Kookaburra wooden sticks provide the platform on which any aspiring player can build upon.

Hockey Stick SizeHeight
38.5 inch Light Above 6ft 5in
37.5 inch Light 6ft 2in - 6ft 5in
36.5 inch Light 5ft 4in - 6ft 2in
35 inch Light 5ft - 5ft 4in
34 inch Light 4ft 7in - 5ft
32 inch Light 4ft - 4ft 7in
30 inch Light 3ft 8in - 4ft
28 inch Light 3ft 4in - 3ft 8in
26 inch Light 3ft - 3ft 4in
Units in box: 1